UPDATE: Please do not post your Christmas Wishes on this blog, click here for the 94.7 Christmas Wishlist website. Thanks.

If you listen to 94.7 in the morning you’ll know all about the Rude Awakening team’s Christmas Wishlist segment, where they grant one person/family/community their Christmas wish. But it’s not like ‘I’d like a Ferrari’, it’s simple things that mean so much to the parties concerned.

Jeremy Mansfield and his bunch act as a catalyst between the person asking the favour and the people that are willing to help. Awesome.

Last week they arranged school fees and school uniforms for one particular kid to continue his schooling right up to graduation. School fees, uniforms and sports equipment. Calculate all that up. Thanks to Spar for sponsoring it, and continuing to sponsor it all.

This morning they arranged for a lady’s son, a mentally handicapped 28 year old, to get his one biggest wish, to ride on a fire truck.

I have no shame in telling you that I sobbed, and I’m sure that not one single person listening in this morning, whether getting ready at home or driving to work, had a dry eye. Just when you thought it was over Jeremy told his mom that next week her son has been invited to the Christmas party at the Ekhuruleni Fire Station, so he can experience the whole vibe.


Catch the 94.7 Christmas Wishlist every week-night on MNET at 19:30 to see just what goes on every day. Amazing.

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